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"Climbing is a sport of attaining the top of a cliff rocheuse, a block or a climbing wall. The playing of the climber goes low-rise blocks on the walls of several hundred meters. The equipment consists by climbing shoes, a harness, a rope attached to harness, biners quickdraws and a helmet.The rope is controlled by a person who secures the climber. he releases the rope according to the climber's progress and blocks it in a fall.Leisure activity that does not practice alone, it is a sport for assistance, accountability, trust in one who belays.

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Progress quickly toward independence on the advice of the guides.

Climbing School in falaise de servoz near Chamonix ; Go to video

The falaise de Servoz near Chamonix Ideal for the initiation and improving in the climbing: learning knots, climbing techniques, Belaying, Rappelling, ...

Discover the areas climbing Mont-Blanc. ACE go with you in major areas from the Chamonix valley (Barberine, ...) or calcareous cliffs Haute-Savoie.

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Adventure Canyoning Escalade

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