Adventure Canyoning Escalade


discover the most beautiful Canyons in Chamonix Mont-Blanc - France and Val d'Aosta - Italy.

Canyoning is white water sport. Abseil or jump down waterfalls, swim in turquoise natural pools with a full qualified instructor.
What a fun avtivity to share with family and friends !

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jump in Chalamy canyon.

In the canyon, small and big jumps (up to 36 ft) are never obligatory, they are circumvented by abseils or trails.

voir une vidéo du canyon de Chalamy (Italie)

slides in Chalamy :
amusement and adrenalyn flowing guaranteed !

Climbing - sites / prices:
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abseiling in Barberine integral canyon.

learn to abseil, or your own, under the care of your instructor.


Adventure Canyoning Escalade

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